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Imagine how nice it would be to have a wide-range, technology and admin business support service at your finger tips where one call does so many things...

Check out our services overview below then let's chat.   We'll talk about your business, what you need help with, and answer your questions.

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Services Overview

Whole Office Tech Support

The Elves don't do ordinary tech support where one place supports computers and another supports phones and another supports email and.....well, you get it.  We manage email, Microsoft Office 365, Google Workspace, website domain name registrations, VOIP phone systems, printers, WIFI routers and access points, Internet connections, printers, surveillance cameras, software, computers, scanners, and more!  If your business runs on it then we probably support it!


Virus & Ransomeware Protection

If you aren't monitoring your computer backups and virus protection, you should be.  If you don't want to mess with all that but still want to make sure you're protected, let The Business Elves do it for you!


Off-Site (Cloud) Data Backup 

Computer file protection is only as good as the setup and monitoring process.  An automated setup with no monitoring can leave you unprotected and you won't know about it until you lose files.  The Elves don't do leave the protection up to an automated process....our backup is tuned for your specific computer setup and is monitored daily!  Ahh, the peace of mind feels so good!


Customer Service Consulting and Management

The Business Elves was born out of a love of service and a passion for great customer experiences.  We work with Sales, Customer Service, and Technical Support teams to improve customer experiences, improve customer retention, increase repeat sales, teach upselling, and how to get more stars on those super valuable customer reviews!

Health Insurance Contracting

For healthcare businesses, the ability to accept major insurances is a big deal.  We work with insurance companies to get clients credentialed and contracted so they can process claims as in-network providers.

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